Name Calling (not in a nasty way)

In my current (or continuing: whatever) sporadic sleep-at-night, I’ve been thinking.  Thoughts about loads of things: my Desert Island Dishes has been quite a distraction, and I realise there’s no way I am able to trim the list down to 12, much less 10 or – how? – 8.  (Is it cheating, I wondered at […]

Pet Hate Territory

It was the thought of using the word “nice” that sparked off my first ever proper bloggero. There are various words or expressions that make my skin not just creep but turn into crepe paper. To make me scream with rage say “I was sat…” or “I am sat…”. Yes: the cat sat on the […]

Hello, good evening and welcome

I stop short of saying “nice to see you, to see you nice” for reasons which will become apparent (Pet Hate Territory). My stumbling arrival in the world of the blog is thanks to someone who, through a chance meeting on Twitter, has become a wonderful friend (no names, no pack drill: you know you […]