Hello, good evening and welcome

I stop short of saying “nice to see you, to see you nice” for reasons which will become apparent (Pet Hate Territory).

My stumbling arrival in the world of the blog is thanks to someone who, through a chance meeting on Twitter, has become a wonderful friend (no names, no pack drill: you know you are) who told me I should jolly well get going with what I called “a blog thingy”. She has TWO blogs and is awfully good at these things…and she said she’d help me set up my little part of blogsphere. Being somewhat obstinate – for which read bloody-minded – I have not sought her help, advice or guidance. So any particularly amateurish elements are mine and mine alone.

And so I arrive. Prattles and rattles on the inconsequential. The odd (which reads wrong) recipe.

Just a lot of bits and pieces.


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